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Our methodology cuts through the consultancy maze, seeking to deliver value into your organisation at the earliest opportunity, by:

  • Understanding your challenge
  • Identifying upfront what is required of you
  • Establishing concise terms of reference, with a workplan, deliverables, outcomes and benefits
  • Delivering against your workplan
  • Working with you to implement the outcomes and realise the associated benefits.


Our consultancy service can help you to:

  • Identify and engage with carers in your workforce
  • Audit your policy and practice, including support to implement the Carer's Leave Act
  • Develop solutions that work for you
  • Achieve a culture change
  • Monitor outcomes and build your business case.


We will help you address these questions:

  • Are you aware of the carers in your workforce?
  • Do you know about carers' rights in the workplace?
  • Are your employment policies carer friendly?
  • Do you know the main reasons why carers give up work?
  • Does your organisation understand the needs of carers?
  • Have you ever asked carers what they need or what they would like from your organisation in terms of support?
  • Have you got appropriate and relevant information for carers?


As a result you will be able to:

  • Retain skilled employees who are current or potential carers
  • Promote motivation, loyalty and productivity in your workforce
  • Reap the business benefits of being a carer friendly employer
  • Enhance your reputation as a trail blazer, promoting good practice as well as compliance with the law.


Our members receive a complimentary consultation session on a current issue of interest or concern.


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For more information or to register for a forthcoming event, speak to the Employers for Carers team.

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