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Carer Confident has been designed to be clear and simple, based on a straight-forward self-assessment process, with employers describing how they meet the criteria expected at each of the three levels and providing relevant evidence. A key indicator of progression will be the level of carer engagement in the organisation and verification of carer experience.

Employers wishing to become a Carer Confident employer are required to undertake a self-assessment process to demonstrate how they meet each of the three award levels.

To request an application pack, including a more detailed publication on each level's criteria (together with examples of relevant evidence) contact us at [email protected] or call us on 020 7378 4956.


Our Guidance document answers a number of questions around eligibility, when to apply, how to complete and submit your application form, how to share results, etc.


Terms of entry

You may also want to view the Carer Confident Terms and Conditions of Entry.

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