Carer Confident

Carer Confident

With 1 in 7 people now juggling work with caring for someone who is older, ill or disabled - and our population ageing – carers are a growing reality in our workforce.

Without the right support, 1 in 6 carers give up work or reduce working hours to care. But many will be your most skilled and experienced staff, the 45-64 year olds at the peak of their careers.

Building a supportive workplace for all staff – including the growing numbers who are, or will become carers - is both good employment practice and good business sense.

The Carer Confident benchmarking scheme assists employers to build a supportive and inclusive workplace for staff who are, or will become, carers and to make the most of the talents that carers can bring to the workplace.

Carer Confident also seeks to recognise employers who achieve this, and to inspire others to follow suit.

The certificate of achievement will be presented to employers with a UK presence who have demonstrated that they have built an inclusive workplace where carers are recognised, respected and supported.

Carer Confident employers recognise the importance of retaining valued members of staff, reducing absence and unnecessary recruitment costs, and increasing staff resilience, engagement and productivity.

Employers in Scotland are also encouraged to engage with the Carer Positive employer recognition scheme which is sponsored by the Scottish Government and operated by Carers Scotland. For more information visit



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