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Employers for Carers has produced a wide range of resources and practical advice for HR, D&I teams and line managers. Resources are hosted on a co-branded online members’ platform, EfC Digital and they include e-learning, best practice examples, sample policies and toolkits. The platform is co-branded to reflect your corporate identity.

A number of our members now offer the Digital Resource for Carers (via their EfC Plus membership). This is designed to support working carers through a full range of online resources they can access anytime, anywhere. Resources include e-learning, free access to Jointly (Carers UK’s care co-ordination app), as well as information and support on health and wellbeing, financial planning and understanding carers rights

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State of Caring 2023
23 November 23
Carers’ employment rights today, tomorrow and in the future
23 November 23
State of Caring 2022
07 November 22

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