Assessment Tool

Carers UK knows from experience that failure to understand and promote the needs of carers can mean that they remain hidden in the workplace, increasing the likelihood that they will be unsupported and may be forced to make a choice between work and care. Employers need to support carers and the message from Employers for Carers is that it makes business sense to do so.

Not only is there a compelling business case for supporting carers in your workforce but there is also legislation to make sure that it happens.

Take the EfC test!

The Employers for Carers test will help you assess how your organisation is supporting carers.

There are four sections each with 5 questions. You will get a score for each section with practical advice after each question.

  • Carer awareness
  • Make carers count
  • Legislation
  • Practical help

Once you have completed all four sections return to this page and you will see a button marked 'report'. This button will give you an overall score out of 20 along with some useful advice on how you can improve support for carers.