The work and care journey: recruitment, retention and return | July 2016

Our well-attended event on July 7th followed the theme of 'the work and care journey: recruitment, retention and return' and was hosted by EfC member the Bank of England at their historic and iconic building in Threadneedle Street.  Charlotte Hogg, Chief Operating Officer at the Bank of England welcomed guests and stressed the importance of making sure employees felt supported by their employer - particularly in unsettled times.  Attracting the best talent, being an inclusive and supportive employer forms part of the Bank of England's strategy. The Bank of England has some unique characteristics which need to be considered to ensure they are open to all – for example, they are one of the two buildings only in the UK to have a rising stone lift!

Ian Peters, Chair of EfC, chaired the discussion and introduced speakers from the Bank of England, Age UK, DWP, Department of Health and London Borough of Islington. The closing address was by David Rule, Executive Director and executive sponsor of the Carers Network. A presentation of the new Carers UK’s Digital Resource for Carers was given by Madeleine Starr – the presentation slides will be made available to members in our next e-bulletin.

As always, time was allowed for Q & A discussions following speeches, and the various themes included: operating carers networks across multiple workplaces, business benefits of supporting working carers, educating and training line managers, carers leave, the use of technology and family tensions.