Membership by Sector

pie april 2017

Our members are from a range of industry sectors, from large public and private organisations through to small businesses - we welcome organisations of all sizes.  Our 'umbrella membership' model was developed to enable small businesses and voluntary organisations to gain the same access to our resources.  You can find out more about umbrella membership here.

EfC membership continues to grow steadily through increased awareness of caring in the workplace, and we strive to evolve and enhance our service through updated resources, tools and feedback from our members.  We now have over 100 members, with the total number of employees covered by member organisations now above the 1.25 million mark.  The number of working carers represented is likely to be in the region of 140,000.  These carers can directly access support from both Employers for Carers and Carers UK.

You can read what members say about us here and you can also read good practice case studies from some of our member organisations here.