We use technology every day, at home and at work, to make life a little bit easier. Finding information on the internet, online banking, booking doctor’s appointments, working remotely from home, all these things help us to manage our busy and often complex lives.
Technology could also help when it comes to caring. The key thing is knowing what it is out there in the world of technology that can help you, and how you can find it. Some things you can buy ‘off the shelf’; some things you may want or need to go through a health or local authority assessment.
Carers UK has some useful information about equipment and technology for carers: 

Carers UK products 

We're working with partners to find new ways to use technology to support carers, beginning with our mobile and online app, Jointly.
There are lots of ways to use everyday technology to make your life easier, including some really simple ideas that you probably haven’t even thought of but could start doing today.


Equipment in the home can make all the difference to someone’s independence, and can provide reassurance for you as a carer.