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Latest news

Carers Week News

Wednesday, 10 June 2009
Employers stand up to be counted in Carers Week - the new Employers for Carers service now covers half a million employees. Employers for Carers, the new membership forum for employers seeking to support the 1 in 7 carers in their workforce, recognised Carers Week 2009 with an 'Equality for Carers' event held at BT Centre in London on Tuesday 9th June. Trevor Phillips, Chair…

Equality Training

Thursday, 07 May 2009
Will you be ready to comply with the Equality Act? The Equality Bill was published on 27 April and will come into force next year. You will need to know the provisions contained in the Bill and what you need to do as an organisation to ensure that you are ready to comply with the Act. Employers for Carers is offering dedicated training on the Equality…

PM on carers' benefits

Thursday, 07 May 2009
On 6 May a delegation of MPs met Prime Minister Gordon Brown to urge him to make improvements to carers’ benefits. Carers UK also attended the meeting and presented carers’ concerns directly to the Prime Minister. The meeting came about as a result of a parliamentary question asked by Hywel Francis MP, who chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Carers. He asked the Prime…

Equality Bill published

Wednesday, 06 May 2009
Carers and the Equality Bill The long awaited Equality Bill was published on Monday 27 April and is expected to come into force by autumn 2010. It is set to replace nine laws with one single Act to make it easier for employers and staff to understand their legal rights and obligations. The Bill covers England and Wales and, with the exception of one clause,…

Equal rights for carers

Wednesday, 01 April 2009
Discrimination against carers to be outlawed in forthcoming Bill The Government has today announced that it intends to ban discrimination against carers by protecting people who are ‘associated with’ someone who is disabled. This will apply in employment and in the provision of goods, facilities and services. The announcement was made in a written statement by the Minister for Women and Equality Rt Hon Harriet…